Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded March 5, 2019

This is my March 2019 Headbands of Hope headband (YES...a headband, finally, and not a scarf!!!). It is a tiny bit too big for my head, but even so it stays in place. As always, this headband is very well made. The headband had a twisted fabric scarf top and an elastic for the back. The fabric is a grey-blue with white and cream flowers. It is a polyester, so not super soft, which is a good thing since silky fabrics tend to slid off. It is a bit wide for my little tiny head but I can make it work. I love the color and the style, but it is not my favorite headband I have received either. I am, however, very grateful to get a headband and not another scarf!!!

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Headbands Of Hope

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March 2019


Headband Wrap


Headbands Of Hope