Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded March 18, 2019

This full-sized liquid eyeliner came in a kit called “Life of the Party” by Pür, sold on Zulily. This is a VERY wet formula!!! The first time I applied it, it went everywhere! But once the brush was less covered in product, it was much easier to get the line I wanted. I love liquid eyeliners and I like brush applicators more than I am enjoying this eyeliner. However, if you are new to brush-tips or liquid liners in general, this is NOT the liner to start with. I would call it an “advanced” application. The formula is very wet (as I said) and very black. It doesn’t take too long to dry...and once it dries it seems to stay in place. There is not smudging or transferring, unless you touch it. You can do a cat-eye wing with it, but on my oily skin, it will smudge if you touch anywhere near it. It seems to be pretty easy to remove at the end of the day. I really am enjoying using this and am happy to have it!
(BTW: that last face picture I am wearing a wig...I didn’t just grow a full head of brunette hair & bangs! 😝 #iwish)


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On Point Liquid Eyeliner

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