Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded May 1, 2019

I saw this on for a $1 and thought “I suck at wing liner...maybe this will help?”. So I thought I would give it a try. Being from Wish it may have questionable ingredients, being from China, so be aware of you have sensitive skin! This is a duel sided marker: one side is a very fat felt-tipped marker and the other has a narrow triangle stamp. The way it works is to stamp the outer corner with the triangle and then use the marker to fill in the rest of the liner. The first time I stamped, the left side looked good, but the right side looked weird and uneven (not surprising since I am right-handed). But the second time I tried it, it was so much better and even!!! So practice does make perfect. The marker side did a good job filling in the triangle and finishing the line. Now, the formula isn’t the greatest, but it isn’t terrible either. On the swatch you can see the stamp is pretty over saturated with product (which may get better the more I use it)...this does create a very black wing, but it also causes a TON of feathering!!! You can see how bad it is in the swatch. I do notice some bleeding on my eyes as the liner tends to wonder a bit into my lower lash line (though, this doesn’t always look that bad and sometimes looks like I just extend the line downward a little!). I am happy to say that the liner does stay put once it dries down and I have yet to smudge the wing (it is still early yet 😝). It does take a little work to remove it at nigh, but worth it for the staying power! So far, I am VERY happy with this pen and I am finally proud of my wing liner!!! Totally worth the $1!!

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