Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded May 1, 2019

I bought these glitters off a recommendation from a YouTuber I really enjoy. I thought this shade sounded different and interesting. The BH Cosmetics site was having a BoGo sale on the glitters at the time, so I got this one and the silver. This shade is so interesting: a dark peach gel base with silver glitter that has an intense blue reflect. The applicator is a doe foot, but I prefer using my fingers (it is more precise). The formula is a gel so it feels weird to use a primer also, but if you don’t there is going to be some sort of fall-out or movement of the glitter. It is hard to tell, but the last two eye pictures are of the large spots of glitter that has wandered off my eyes throughout the day...not fall out under my eye, but a creeping wing of glitter??? I am a little disappointed by the performance of this glitter, but I do love the shade and the intensity of the glitter. Maybe the best way to use this glitter is just in the center of the lid on top of a matte shadow look? I am going to keep playing with it, but I am not sure I can recommend them as excitedly as the girl on YouTube. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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