Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded May 1, 2019

I saw these at 5 Below just before Easter time and thought “those would be cute in an Easter basket...for me!!!”. I haven’t purchased or worn a scrunchy since the 80’s, but the cute colors and the addition of the bow made me want them! Thy are made of a cheap satin-wannabe material (which is fine because real satin would just slide off my hair). The two patterns are a black with white daisies with pink centers and dark green leaves and the other is a pinstripe pattern of white, black, grey, and pink. These are made well enough and I can see them lasting a while if I take good care of them. The scrunchy stays in place on my soft baby-fine hair if I wrap it around three times (though I do sometimes use another hair elastic to make sure it stays all day. The best way to put it on is to thread the pony through once to make sure the bow is where you want it and then wrap the scrunchy around as much as you want. The bow sits perfectly on my little head and the ribbons drape down just to my shoulders, which is the perfect length. I think these are so cute and make me feel like the cheerleader I never was!

Year Made


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5 Below

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2-Pack Scrunchy


Hair Bow


5 Below