Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded May 1, 2019

I didn’t need this Ears headband (I don’t need any ears headbands...since we have no plans to visit Disney any time soon), so I am not sure what compelled me to order this??? I bought this off the Disney store online because the only other way to get them is to visit the parks. I like the colors a lot. I love the navy blue fabric with the shiny silver and pink polka dots! These are “me” colors!!! Plus, a giant, pillowy, sparkly, pink sequins bow is super extra. These Disney-made ears are always a bit big looking on my tiny head (this giant bow doesn’t help either!) and they tend to cause a headache after an hour or two of wear. I do love the soft and fluffy pink fleece that lines the headband...though it does nothing to make it more comfortable (it does help it from not sliding off my soft hair easily though). In the end, I love how they look even if they are a bit “much”, I just hate how much pressure these headbands put on my (behind the ear) pressure points!

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Minnie Polka Dots


Mickey Ear Headband