Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 20, 2019

This is the bundle of bracelets that came from Puravida for the month of July. This month we got an extra bracelet for some reason? These are VERY bright with the neon coral...and I love it!!! Very 80’s, especially that full coral with the palm tree charm (reminds me of Miami Vice). It is a multi strand bracelet of the neon coral which holds a silver palm tree charm in the center. The second is a typical chunky friendship bracelet style of all black except for three rows in the center that are coral (not neon, just regular coral). Next is a mixed loose multi-strand (my favorite style!) of black, white, and neon coral. The last bracelet is a single strand of black with a pattern of pink, black, and silver seed beads breaking up a line of all white seed beads. The black band is my least favorite (maybe it would be better without the coral), but I love the other three! A very fun color scheme!

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July 2019