Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded October 28, 2019

This was the spooky Halloween bracelet trio for October 2019. Plus, an unexpected bonus bracelet. Of the original trio, the first bracelet is a multi strand friendship knotted style bracelet. It is a medium width bracelet made with strands of black, maroon, and grey that create a pattern of maroon-maroon-black-black-grey in stripes. The second bracelet is a braided single strand of black with a tiny silver skull charm in the center. The skull is a Dios De Los Muertos sugar skull that is of all silver except for a rose on the top that is a rose gold...very detailed for a tiny charm. The third bracelet is a tiny, delicate single strand of black that has a random assortment of seed beads in the colors of gold, white, and black. The extra bracelet is a double strand of teal (with grey ends) and a long silver charm in the center embossed with the words “be kind” on the top and “Puravida” on the underside. Not sure why it was sent, but is cute and I will take it!


Bracelet Trio

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October 2019