Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded November 25, 2019

This is my final Headband of Hope. I have decided to put my subscription $$ towards some craft subscriptions in 2020 instead of beauty ones. This was a great subscription, but I don’t always get headbands that I can use (I have given many away to friends). I know that if I am looking for a new headband that this company is the best, and I would just rather pick ones from the site that I know I will use than to leave it up to chance.
That being said, this is the November 2019 headband...and it couldn’t get any more simple than this one! It is a narrow strip of black cotton that can be used in a few different ways (making it more versatile than other shapes). I can use it as a headband with a knot or spin it around so the knot is in the back and it is just a simple black band. My favorite way to use these bands is to wrap it around a ponytail and let the ends hang down (like a 50’s cheerleader). You can also use it as a neckerchief, if you are into that or channeling your inner Parisian! This was a nice and simple way to go out on this subscription. And I do recommend Headbands for Hope if you love hair accessories!!!


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