Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded November 25, 2019

This is the headband for August of 2019. I was initially very excited about this headband because I love the slate grey and white stripes and I love this wide but not super wide infinity band. The cotton is, as always, super soft and has a little bit of stretch...and, as always, is very well made. The fabric is twisted on itself at the top of the band to create a small knot. I thought I would like this, but wearing the knot at the top of my head actually looks weird. However, if I spin the knot to sit more off center of my head, it does look very cute. The band is pretty wide at the back, so if you want to wear it as a wide headband you just have to shift the knot to the back of the head. I am not sure how much I will grab for this band, but I do like it enough to keep it for myself.

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Headband Of Hope

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Grey & White Striped


Twisted Headband


Headband Of Hope