Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded December 22, 2019

I wanted to try some new subscriptions after dropping a couple of Beauty ones...I saw these on Instagram adds and thought, my crochet and knitting basics could use a good refresher! So I joined this subscription and the knitting one. The great news is that there is an end to this subscription once the blanket is done! This is a bit pricy at $25 a month, but I think what you get from it is worth it! The first Kit is the big one because it comes with all the supplies. You get the plastic folder that holds the instruction booklets, stitch guide, 2 crochet hooks (H/8-5.00mm and I/9-5.50mm) and a yarn needle. You also get two skeins of yarn...grey this time. I chose the grey and white colors for this Afghan (just like the knit kit) over the brown and cream. This is more than enough yarn to make 3 squares and you will have plenty of extra (though the instructions will tell you to hold onto the extra to make the final border...I think there will still be a ton left over even after that! The pattern book in the initial kit has three blocks (so not EXACTLY block-of-the-month!): single crochet all rows, double crochet all rows, and basic shell...and the very back page shows the placement of these three blocks in the finished Afghan. (There is writing in the booklet pictured below...that is just me keeping track of what row I am on!!!). These are very simple stitches that all crocheters should master and that makes this kit a great way to learn stitches block by block or for seasoned crocheters (like me) to practice more! For the beginners (and a friendly reminder to non newbies), there is a nice picture step-by-step guid to the stitches in the Stitch Guide booklet. Also, as a member of Annie’s, you can access their video guides that have lady (with a VERY strong southern accent) doing the blocks right along with you. If you are new to crocheting, I suggest these videos because it is tough to learn the different crochet stitches looking just at pictures! Also, if

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