Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded December 24, 2019

The December trio this year has a uniquely non-Christmas color story...which I appreciate! The three bracelets are: an ecru braided double strand holding a line of small silver circle mirror pieces, a white multi strand string with silver and gold seed beads near the slider, and a black braided multi strand connected to a silver chain with very tiny charms dangling off it. The white and the ecru bracelets I love...but I am on the fence with the black one. The black bracelet reminds me of a punk choker from the 90’s. The little charms are pearls, a star with a rhinestone, and circled with rhinestones. I love the little mirrors for some reason! And I am always happy to get a white bracelet, though they never stay white! 😝

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December 2019


Bracelet Trio