Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded January 7, 2020

This is month 3 of the crochet Afghan block-of-the-month subscription. This month we got the instructions and a slightly darker grey to month #1(and by slightly, I mean almost unnoticeable!). Block 7 was pretty easy with tiny SC-DC shells stitched into each other. Block 8 was an easy pattern that was more involved: DC-chain 1-DC spread out among chains in the previous rows. This was the first time I had to not only write down the number of rows to check off, but which row was a repeat of the directions to row 2 or row three. Block 3 was more complicated. There were 4 different rows that were repeated. It took me over half the block to memorize the whole pattern...and even so, I needed to check and recheck the steps as I went along. The stitches were simple enough. I don’t love how open this weave is. This reminds me more of the doilies that I crochet than something that belongs in a blanket. Thankfully this is the most open of all the squares! It took me about an hour a square and I was done in one day.

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Blocks 7-9


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