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I have not watched the Mandalorian...yet. But I love all the memes of The Child (aka Baby Yoda). He is so cute!!! So when I came across this pattern on social media, I decided to grab it before Disney cracks down on IP copyrights of Baby Yoda. The pattern is $5 and totally worth it! I have made Amigurumi before, so I am familiar with how to make little stuffies from crochet. I can’t say if this pattern is difficult to a beginner, but if you have made amigurumi before, this is pretty basic stuff. I used green and cream yarn that I bought in clearance at AC Moore, button eyes I have from other amigurumi projects, and fiber fill. The pattern is pretty easy to follow. There are 30 rows/rounds to the basic doll, 7 rows for the arms (two times of course), two rows for the sleeves (also twice), the collar is 5 rows, and two ears with 7 steps. Assembly is mostly using a yarn needle to sew on the appendages with excess yarn. I did use thread to sew on the button eyes. This is my first go at him, so you can see he is not perfect yet. The buttons I used were too small...will chose bigger ones next time. The ears are laying flat instead of curled in as the instructions say. This pattern does not include the nose stitch that others do, but that is a simple add on if you want it. He must have turned out cute enough though, since I have had several requests to make more!!!

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