Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded January 21, 2020

(UPDATE: I reunited block 8...still not perfect, but better.). I was supposed to get blocks 4-6 this month, but there was a glitch and they sent me blocks 7-9 instead. I contacted customer service and they said that I should be getting blocks 4-6 next month. This caused only a small problem (ant that is actually how I discovered I was on the wrong set), and that is that block 8 had a stitch that I had never heard of before and it referenced learning the stitch in block 6!!! Thankfully, there are videos of how-it’s for each block and I am a super visual learner, so I just watched the video and picked it up pretty quick! Block 7 is pretty simple with a set of pearl stitches on the knot rows to make monotoned stripes. Block 8 uses the 2YO Stitch that I was supposed to learn in block 6...I know YO stitches in crochet, but it turns out to be pretty different in knitting. The end result is an almost crochet-looking lace pattern. I messed up a row near the end and pulling seemed like it would be impossible to pick up, so this block looks a bit wonky. I may redo it later? Block 9 is a labor intensive pattern of perfectly placed knits and Pearls that end up in a star pattern. I don’t love that my mostly knit squares always roll up, but that is just the nature of the beast. Once they are stitched into the blanket they will lay flat and look perfect (hopefully!).


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