Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded February 9, 2020

This was the out-of-order Kit that I was supposed to receive last month, but they were out of them for some reason? But they were good on their word about getting it to me this I am impressed with their organization in keep track of all that! Blocks 4-6 are with white yarn, and so as usual, the Kit came with two skeins of white yarn and the instruction pamphlet. Block 4 was easy with a polka dotted pattern using pearl stitches in a mostly knit pattern to make the dots. Block 5 was easy but took FOREVER to make!! It was super daunting to have to cast on 80 stitches!!! This pattern has a seam in the center to pull the corners in and turn those 80 stitches into a square of 40 stitches long. In the end you have a diamond where you bind off in the corner. Block 6 I had to make twice because I thought I messed up (but I actually didn’t). This square is easy and is just a knit block with stringy windows of purposely dropped stitches. The problem that I thought I had was that the stitches around these windows are VERY loose and look like they are wrong...but to fix them, just pull the strings in the windows and the stitches will tighten right up. My biggest issue with these blocks is that none of them come out to the same size (which is important when putting the Afghan together in the end). But I followed the patterns exactly...well almost, I only did 6 of the 7 rounds suggested in Block 6 because it was already looking too long!!! This was a little bit of a frustrating month, but I am still enjoying the subscription.

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