Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded March 12, 2020

Two of the three blocks this month were pretty easy. Block 11 gave me a run for my money!!! Block 10 is just a knit 2-purl 2 over and over again. Block 12 is a knit-purl pattern that you have to follow stitch by stitch, row by row, to make the diamond pattern. Block 11 requires a cable needle, which got me excited because I LOVE doing cable stitches! However, the needle is not for an actual cable, it is just for one of those annoying puff stitches like when I crochet. It looks cool, but it is not worth the headache of it all. My first problem was the circular needle. In between each stitch you have to wrap the yarn around the needle...these wraps get stuck once the yarn is pushed past the wood and onto the wire that connects the needle. Once the yarn is stuck it gets trapped and you can’t push it back to the wood to work the next line! Very frustrating!!! After fighting with this a few times and ending up pulling the whole thing off the needle, I switched to a pair of size 8 straight needles and things started to work a bit smoother! The issue I have with this is my size 8 straight needles are a bit wider than the needles that came with the kit. So the block is the correct night, but it is too wide compared to the others! Grrr!!! I made a lot of counting errors (mainly because my kids kept interrupting me) and had to keep pulling the whole thing apart and trying again because pulling one or two lines is can’t get the needle back in to pick up the dropped stitches. I also made a creative change to this square and square 12’s patterns to make them look a little better and more like what the picture is. So a word to the wise: use size 6 or 7 straight needles and find a good chunk of quite uninterrupted time to work this one! This was a tough month but I love the challenge!
(*I may take another stab at Block 11 with smaller needles.) (UPDATE: reknitted Block 11 with 6 less stitches to make it the same size as all the others.)


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