Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded April 8, 2020

This month was much easier than the last! The first block was just a stocking stitch (k row, p row) 6xs then reverse stocking stitch (p row, k row) 6xs...over and over again. The second block is a stocking stitch with a dropped stitch in just the right place to have a slanted window. This block uses the ssk stitch and the k2tog stitch...which I had to look up again because it has been a while since I used them last! The last block was the most fun to make and the pattern looks like a bunch of little spiders. This is just a stocking stitches with yo’s that you eventually pick up with the needle. It looks and sounds a lot more complicated than it really was. The hardest part about each of these blocks is that there was a lot of counting involved. Make sure you have a piece of paper handy to keep track of which row and which repetition you are on!!!