Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded April 30, 2020

These three blocks were not very difficult but also not very exciting either. This was a bit of a boring month. The first block teaches the single “long cross-Stitch”. It is a dc looped around a previous stitch, pulled long to make a loose diagonal. The second block teaches the “cross long” Stitch. It is basically the first block’s stitch, but then crossed by another going the other way. This stitch feels wrong when you first do it...but as you work the next row, it looks much better. I still think this block looks a little sloppy, but it was more fun to make than the first. The last block was simple and too easy. Called “the kernel stitch”, you start a dc in the first stitch but finish it in the next Stitch...over and over and over again. Very boring and tedious and produces a heavy and stiff knit. Not my favorite month, but at least it wasn’t super challenging.

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