Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded May 4, 2020

(UPDATE: I remade the block with the dropped stitch!). I was so excited to get this kit (not only for virus distraction) because we FINALLY get to do cables!!! I love cables. They are fun to knit and they look so cool! The odd thing is that the instruction book called the cable stitch a “3 over 3 Right Cross” (3/3 RC) instead of “cable” as I have always seen it. It makes me wonder how many of these other stitches that I am just learning have a more common name than the one in the instructions??? The first block is a standard K-P pattern with the 6 stitch cable. The second block reminds me of the front panel of EVERY baby sweater my grandma ever knitted for us! It has specifically-leaning dropped stitches in a specific part of the pattern to make a 6-point Star lace patter. It was fun to do and it looks cool. Only problem is that the k-row then p-row ALWAYS causes the edges to roll up (at least when I do them!)! They will lay flat once they are attached to the other blocks when I assemble the Afghan though. Block 3 was boring and kind of annoying. It is a basic k5, P3 (flipped when doing the wrong side) pattern to make this basket weave. This pattern was written wrong in the instruction booklet (a typo) and I need to change Row 3’s directions to have it make sense. The edging on only one side came out wonky and I can’t tell if that is the fault of the incorrect instructions or if it was user error? This block also came out a lot bigger than the other two (both width and length wise). I wonder if this will affect the blanket and I wonder if my OCD will be forced to reknitt it once it is time to assemble...or if I can just force it to work? I also JUST noticed there is a drop stitch at the wonky edge (maybe that explains it?). Guess I AM making that one again! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

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Knit Afghan Kit


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