Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded May 19, 2020

These blocks were considerably harder than blocks past (with the exception of block 22...which was very easy). Usually I can get away with not watching the videos and just using the instruction booklet. Or, I will have to reference the videos for one stitch that I have confusion on. However, blocks 23 & 24 I needed to watch the entire video for because the instructions just weren’t totally covering it! Block 22 is just row after row of tr crochets. Super easy...kind of boring. Block 23 is made of tr crochets as well but the pattern is tricky with tr’s that are stitched in reverse and quasi-backwards. I knew what the written instructions were getting at, but it really helped seeing someone doing it to see exactly where the stitches were placed. Block 24 I made with just the written directions first, but it didn’t look exactly the way the picture showed. So I ended up watching the whole video to see what I did wrong. The trick is that the dc’s go in the row you are working, but the tr’s go into the row below that (aka 2 rows down), and the tr’s at the ends and the middle go around the post of the tr two rows beneath! The flower itself was pretty easy and straight just was (again) where to place the stitches on the piece. What I did learn from using the videos: apparently I am crocheting LEFT HANDED!!! This was the way I was taught and so this is the way I do it! I don’t love this month’s patterns...but I really did enjoy the challenge!!!


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