Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded June 8, 2020

This month took FOREVER!!! And it is not the fault of the directions...but if my own! I think I knitted the third block at least 10 times! The blocks were easy enough and the patterns were pretty straightforward. The first block was a specific pattern of alternate K&Ps to make diagonal stripes. The second block asked to cast on 43 stitches originally...but it turned out to be way too wide!!! So I pulled it and only cast on 37 stitches the second time and it was a little better (though still wider than the other blocks...for some reason?). This is another pattern of K&Ps that makes a pretty cool chevron pattern with bold stripes in between. This is one of the only knit blocks that has a specific amount of rows listed (most just say to knit until it measures 9 1/2 inches). But for the long width, there are not enough length rows and this block came out as more of a rectangle. The last block made me nervous because it asked to cast on 51 (!!!) stitches and that seemed like too I did pull and reduce the number of stitches casted on again, but as I got into the pattern more, I realized it gets pulled in tighter. So in the end, and after many false starts, I stuck with the 51 cast ons. The pattern has a stitch called “CDD” that I needed to watch the instruction video to really understand because the instructions are not specific on which Stitch moves and which one doesn’t. So after a bunch of redos, I FINALLY finished this block. I would not be surprised if my next knit kit comes this week because it felt like it took a month to finish this round of blocks!!!

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