Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded June 16, 2020

This kit came almost the day after I finished the last set of knit blocks...perfect timing! These blocks went QUICK and I was able to finish them in a weekend. The first block was super easy with a pattern of tiny shells of sc’s and ch1’s. The second block was easy once you figure out the new “Y” Stitch. The entire block is just rows and rows of Y-stitches. The last block I HAD to watch the video because the pattern is not well explained in the booklet. I remembered how to do the “fptr” stitch but I was having trouble figuring out where exactly to place them. The video really have to see it to really get it. These stitches create a cable “knit” pattern. It is messier than a true knitted cable. Once you get a hang of the pattern, it goes by really quick. I did add 4 more rows than the instructions recommend, because it was not long enough otherwise. I wonder how many more blocks I have left???

Year Made


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Annie’s Crafts

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Blocks 28-30


Crochet Afghan


Annie’s Crafts