Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded June 29, 2020

Block 22 was easy once I learned how to do the flower stitch and the SSPearl Stitch from the online videos. I am not a fan of the SSP is a bit annoying to do (just saying). The second block makes a fun honey comb pattern using back and front cable stitches. This was an easy pattern and I didn’t need the video to pull it off. The worst part of this block was keeping track of I was on a front cable or a back cable. This block has a cast-on of 66...which seems so big. But the cables do pull the block in quite a bit so I didn’t adjust this pattern like I have in the past. The last block was a simple pattern of K, P, and slip-stitches that create a pseudo-cable pattern. The hardest part of this pattern was keeping track of what row I was on and where in the row I was at (having kids who constantly interrupt my count does not help matters!). I like how these blocks look, but I worry because none of them come out the same size and it is concerning how they will all fit together once I start to assemble the blanket!


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Blocks 22-24