Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded July 19, 2020

This is the final kit for the crochet Afghan and it looks VERY time consuming!!! The instructions are very simplistic, so I went online to watch the videos for this one so that I would get everything right. Assembling blankets is not my strong suite and a lot of times they unravel after a month or I needed help in this final kit!!! The first step is to use the yarn needle to weave in all the loose yarns on each block. You are supposed to do this after every block is made, but I always wait until the end because it is boring, tedious work! Next, take the foam board and the long pins that come in this kit and pin the squares to the foam all at the same measurement. Then you take a spray bottle (not provided) and you mist them and leave them pinned to dry. I was bad at misting and did more of a light soak!!! Drying took FOREVER! And with 30 blocks, this process is VERY long (we are talking week(s)). But, to my surprise, this really made a difference on how the blocks looked. They were more flat and uniform! From there, you put the blocks in blanket order. Use the medium grey yarn and the yarn needle to whip stitch them together...first by row and then attach the rows together. Now that the blocks are assembled, you can do the boarder. This is made of altering shades and HDC stitches. They had the great trick of stitch marking the corner stitch...otherwise I would have totally lost it! However, they failed to send any stitch markers with this kit (though they claimed they did). Thankfully I got plenty from my knit kit, so I was able to use those...this would be a problem for someone just doing the crochet kit though. Once again, use the yarn needle to weave in the ends and BOOM! Blanket accomplished!!!

@jodicAugust 11, 2020