Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded July 19, 2020

After 3 months of being MIA, with no explanation, the trios are back. (*Note: I tried several times to cancel this subscription, but the site kept until that gets fixed, I am stuck with it. 🙁. I love these bracelets, but I have so many now that it is time to quit!!!). I was hoping, because of this glitch, that they would send out a big bonus...but all we received was the extra bracelet for their Birthday month. No other explanation or apology was provided. I am a little annoyed with the company for that reason. This trio is not my favorite as a collection, but I do like the bracelets individually. The first is a single strand of braided white with five of those flat donut beads in the color teal in the center. The second is another single strand of braided white, but this time with oval pink beads broken up with random bronze seed beads, teal donut beads, and pearls. The final bracelet of the trio is a light teal multi strand (with the “clasp” yet another single strand of braided white). The bonus bracelet has a single strand of braided orange-brown and a sliver peace sign charm hanging from the middle of the bracelet.

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July 2020


Bracelet Trio