Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded July 24, 2020

These three blocks were pretty easy for the fact that they were marked as “intermediate”. I only had to look up one stitch on the video tutorial. That was the “Star Stitch” in the first block. The instructions were not specific enough to know exactly when and where to pull the stitch up through. Other than that, block 25 was pretty easy and a little boring. Block 26 doesn’t quite look like the honey comb outline looks a lot thicker than the picture, but the general idea is still the same. Maybe I was doing the special “tuck” stitch wrong? But the directions for it seemed pretty straightforward. I actually like how the wrong side looks more than the right side!!! (Swipe right see wrong side picture.). Block 27 required a lot of concentration to remember which stitch in which row you are on. This is a tough block to do with kids constantly interrupting! But the stitches are easy...just the pattern is a pain. I didn’t do the full recommended amount of rows because the square was getting too long. I think there is only three more blocks left before I have to assemble (which looks like it will be a lot of work!!!).

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Annie’s Crafts

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Blocks 25-27


Knit Afghan


Annie’s Crafts