Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded July 24, 2020

I bought a bag-o-yarn on a whim from AC Moore (R.I.P.) because I loved the grey with gold cording...but I had no idea what to do with it once I brought it home. I had 8 skeins of it! I tried to make a scarf, a hat, a mittens...I tried both crocheting and knitting. But I didn’t love how they looked and the gold cording made all the pieces scratchy. Finally, while cruising Pinterest, I found a free pattern to make a crochet blanket cardigan that needed the exact amount of yarn that I had! It required a very large 10mm hook and 7-8 skeins of yarn...perfect! The only stitches you need to know are chains, sc, hdc, and slip stitches. It is a super easy pattern and you only need to keep track of what row you are on. Once you make the blanket, the sleeves are sewn together with a yarn needle and leftover yarn. Lay out the square, fold the corners into the center and sew them together (but not all the way so there are small holes to fit your arms through). Very easy!!! It took me only a couple of nights to make. The yarn is still scratchy and I plan to wear it in the winter over a long sleeve tee. The fit is great and will probably fit most sizes. You have to live with the bottom rolling up as is the nature of the blanket and the sleeves are it will most likely not fit well under a coat in the winter. But I like it and I may make more for friends...especially out of that super soft chenille yarn!

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@Renea84August 1, 2020

I like the whole outfit!