Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 7, 2020

This set came VERY out of order. I had already received the last two kits and I had begun to assemble the Afghan when I noticed these three blocks were missing! Thankfully, I have plenty of extra yarn and the instruction booklet was I made these three squares before this kit came so I could keep assembling the Afghan. The problem is, there are three types of grey yarn and I couldn’t tell from the screen if it uses the super light grey or the medium light I made the blocks in the medium light grey, but the kit came with the super light grey. My OCD wants me to redo them in the correct color, but the lazy girl in me doesn’t really care all that much! The three blocks were pretty easy and I only needed to watch the video for block 25 because the directions were not specific enough as to where to place the star stitch. These blocks are all labeled “Intermediate”, but I really don’t think they were that hard. So NOW I am done with all the squares and I can now start assembling the blanket for real!

Year Made


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Annie’s Crafts

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Blocks 25-27


Crochet Afghan


Annie’s Crafts