Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 21, 2020

I am hoping this will be my last month of Puravida bracelets. I am trying to cancel the subscription as I write. I have really loved this subscription...but as you can imagine, I own SO MANY BRACELETS now that I can’t even appreciate the ones I have before more show up in my mailbox. It has become overwhelming! I love these bracelets, and this is a tough subscription to let go, but I figure that if I ever want more, I can just buy them individually (not that I think I will ever need more!!!!). This month has a bonus bracelet (4 instead of the usual 3)...maybe to make up for the missed months??? All three are great and I am happy with them. The gist is a multi strand of braided mint-teal green with a white pull tie. The second is a braided double strand of bright pink laced with silver octagon seed beads. The third is multi strand of white, with some strands randomly beaded with the silver octagon seed beads. The last bracelet is a braided single strand of mint green with a row of bright pink donut beads in the center. I don’t love the bright pink with the mint...but I always love bracelets with these flat donut beads. I am going to miss this subscription, but I am happy to have the break!!!





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