Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 21, 2020

(UPDATE: I did remake block 28). This should be the last of the knit blocks. Next month, I will begging the assembling for this blanket. These squares were not that difficult instruction-wise and I only had to look up one stitch (Make 1 RT) to see exactly where the needle went. Looking at the finished products, though, I think some miss-counts were made (user error)? Block 28 and 30 look a bit off to me for some reason. Right now I am being lazy and calling it “good enough for jazz”, but I will not be shocked if my OCD kicks in and I redo them. I certainly have enough leftover white yarn to redo!!! Block 28 is a repeated patter with the hardest stitches being sk2p and k2tog. Block 29 is an easy mini cable block of a 6 row pattern repeated over and over again. I did modify it slightly because the 50 Stitch cast on made the block too I changed it to 44 stitches. Block 30 is a very involved pattern and you will definitely need to keep track of what row you are on!!! The pattern is easy and the only issue I had was the Make 1 stitch. The cable is pretty easy and the pattern is repetitive enough to make it seem les difficult once you really get into it. This is the block that need the correction sheet. Most of the changes were in the booklet already...but the last bit about not repeating the last few rows for a third time are not. This makes a big difference on the size of the make sure you follow these changes!!! Now it is time to start weaving in the ends with a yarn needle and getting the blocks in order!