Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 16, 2020

This is the last kit in the knit Afghan subscription. It contains almost everything needed to assemble the blanket. The kit contains: a foam (lined) pin-board, more than enough pins, a very sharp yarn needle, and the instructions. Just like the crochet blanket, the first step is to pin the blocks to the foam and wet them with a spray bottle. This makes all of the blocks even and flat...for the most part. It takes a long time but it is worth it. Next, you whip stitch the blocks in their correct order, row by row, then whip stitch the rows together. These steps are harder than with the crochet blanket because there is not a uniform amount of stitches around the border. The whip stitch also looks more uneven than the crochet blanket did. The border is made one side at a time in only white. The pattern creates a cute eyelet...however, the only-white border is a bit boring. I am making one more blanket with the leftover yarn, once I find out what colors I have left over, I will most likely add another color to the border! But for now, this blanket is done. I don’t love it as much as the crochet blanket, but I definitely learned more making this blanket than I did with the crochet blanket.

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