Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded January 19, 2021

I bought a ton of this brand of very thick yarn in a bunch of different variegated and solid colors before AC Moore went out of business. I have since made an all pink blanket (for Valentine’s Day decor), a small pink variegated that I keep as a lap blanket in my car, and now this wine and grey variegated blanket. This blanket was knitted in the center (40 stitches across) with a crocheted border. I only used the knit stitch across on both sides (no Pearl) because trial and error taught me that this pattern looks best with this yarn. I used my large bamboo circular needles...that you can see are being held together with duct tape at this point!!! Time to get new ones I guess? These now-broken ones came in a set of various sizes from Amazon. The large plastic crochet hook is a US-N 15/10.00mm that I also got at AC Moore. It took me many months of on and off knitting to finish it...and the binging of many TV shows. The border is just two rows of HDCs. I don’t need any more blankets!!! My house is filled with them. But now I can build a SUPER blanket fort for the winter and never leave...until summer is back.

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AC Moore

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Stitch Studio Yarn


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