Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded February 15, 2021

Since I got my Rainbow Connection song stack from Say Like Yay, I wanted to add some filler bracelets. My go to bracelets always will be Puravida...they are just the best. I bought three individual bracelets that are rainbow colors to match the other stack. Bracelet one was a Valentine’s Day 2021 exclusive. It is very 80’s in and I love it! It is a single strand of braided brick red (it also comes in cream too) with a white plastic heart that has a painted rainbow on it and an imbedded rhinestone. Bracelet two is unique in that the band is a metal chain instead of the usual cording. I am nervous about this one because I have been know to break these kinds of bracelets (and the packaging does say “wear with care”)!! The clasp is a strong slider that holds both ends in a silver orb. It seems to stay in place really well and I don’t see it coming off unless I want it to. In the center are rainbow colors of seed beads with a tiny red heart bead in the center of them. The third bracelet that I purchased is my go to favorite multi-strand. This one is also rainbow colors with the brick red, yellow, royal blue, and Hunter green. This is an Autism Awareness bracelet and 5% of the proceeds go to the Autism Society...which is an added bonus! The last bracelet is, I assume, a free gift with purchase, and is a multi-strand of navy blue, white, and khaki. I love these colors...they remind me of summer nautical and I can see myself wearing it this summer!!! I am always happy with my Puravida bracelets, rings, etc. This order did not disappoint at all!!!

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