Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded March 2, 2021

(Issue: April 2021, pages 52-53). I liked this little saying because it doesn’t mention God at all but is still VERY Irish. We are not a religious a nondenominational saying is nice to come across! I didn’t follow the suggested colors and instead used more of the variegated floss...this time in green, obviously. I did try to use strands of the lighter shades for the inside of the boarder’s braid and the darker for the outline. I didn’t love having the lines that outline the braid in the lighter shade...but I had more of the light than the dark and I had to save the dark for the lettering so that it would show up. The pattern is not the most exciting and once you have the count down pat you can make it without keeping the pattern close. I also took the liberties to dot the eyes with French Knots, and not the small stitches they recommend. I plan to get a little frame for it to display it with the rest of our meager St. Patrick’s Day decorations.
UPDATE: got a cute gold frame from Target but had to line the bottom of the frame with gold ribbon because the picture didn’t center well and the Aida cloth didn’t cover the full frame.


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