Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded October 12, 2015

(DECLUTTERED: Can't stand the packaging!) (*Note: Not loving this on the toes...too messy and a bit too dark.) This polish came in my October Ipsy bag. The color is a pretty dark purple that can look almost black in low light. I actually really like this color for fall/winter. The formula requires at least two coats (three would be even better, but I am too impatient!). The pictures show two coats and a top coat. My only real issue is the bullet-shaped packaging! It was cute at first, but when I was actually painting my nails I had no way to rest the container down (I ended up using a little cup and some tissues to prop it up). It did spill a bit while trying to take these pictures! I don't know if this is Dose's usually packaging or if this is just for their samples?!?



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