Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded November 29, 2015

Every year in the fall, my mother-in-law's family has a craft & fancy lunch party. This was the craft from our 2013 party. We brought orange card stock with or without patterns on it. We used pre-made stencils to trace out the correct half-oval shape from lots of card stock. Then we folded and hot-glued the papers together until we ended up with a ball-o-paper. (It takes forever!) the final step is to add a stick or a brown pipe cleaner to the top to make a stem. We then decorated the stems with all kinds of fall bits (leaves, berries, rolled paper, etc). The las one that I made, I used a pack of pumpkin-shaped doilies. They turned out to be much harder to work with because they are so flimsy.

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