Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded January 18, 2016

I was needing some more little Valentine's Day decor for my mantle and bookcases, so I made a few little framed pieces to scatter around the house. Like the first thumbprint heart, this was made by dipping our thumbs into red finger paint and stamping on card stock. This time my husband and I made the heart with our thumbs. A great way to show off your love (yup...kinda cheesy, but whatever, it's Valentine's Day). I wanted to give this heart a little dimension and make it different from the first one, so I mounted it on two different sized foam hearts (the bigger purple on the bottom and the smaller white one on top...the white card stock is mounted to the white heart.). The pile of hearts was then glued to a piece of patterned card stock and put in a little frame.

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