Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded January 31, 2016

My all-time favorite brow pencil is by L'Oreal and since everyone is raving about this one I gave it a go. The "blonde" shade is a great match...I just wish the pencil was just a little creamier. The other pencil that I love seems a tad bit easier to work with because it is a little softer. My problem with my favorite brow pencil (the Brow Stylist Sculpture Pencil) is that you get less product because the other end has wax. So you sharpen down both ends and the pencil is used up in no time. This pencil, however, has a spoolie on the opposite the entire pencil is the brow color! I like this a lot, but it will not replace my holy-Grail pencil.

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Brow Stylist Designer Pencil