Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded February 4, 2016

(DECLUTTERED: Turned out that the "nude" shade was a bit too warm/orange for my skin tone after all.) This is less of a foundation and more of a sun screen that is tinted...hence the name "tinted moisturizer"! There is a slight coverage that will lessen the look of imperfections, but it will not cover them up. You will need to use concealer if you want to hide anything. This, however, is perfect for those no-makeup or light/natural-makeup summer days. It has an SPF of 20 which is always nice and the "nude" shade is a good match for my skin tone in summer. It can be a bit too warm toned for my pale winter skin. It is light and hydrating and easy enough to blend in with your fingers (I would recommend using fingers over a brush or a will just soak up the product). I like the small, sleek packaging and it is perfect to throw into a purse or beach bag! It is not matte and will leave a sheen on your skin unless you set it with powder. Just be warned, what ever you lay on top of this will feel heavy compared to the moisturizer and you will notice the feel of the powders more. That being said...I really like this!

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83222 Nude

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Christmas Tree Shop


Tinted Moisturizer