Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded February 4, 2016

My Grandmother started this blanket years ago. When she passed away, my Gamdpa gave it to me to finish...and I did. No one knows who she was intending it for, so for now it lives in my house. To make a blanket, you need a blanket-sized amount of monk's cloth (found at JoAnns), quite a few skeins of yarn, and a yarn needle. Oh, and a pattern. You fray the ends for a blanket fringe, hem the monk's cloth (otherwise it unravels) then wash it...after that just start weaving the yarn in and out of the cloth's weave per the pattern. Once finished, hem the edges again and trim off excess yarn. It is super easy really!!! It fits in nicely with my rustic decor.

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Swedish Weave Blanket

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Me & My Grandma