Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded February 21, 2016

I bought this as a way to keep my beauty blenders safe on my counter (with two little boys and cats who have no boundaries!!!). I saw it on a YouTube video, thought it was perfect & too cute, and ordered it online (web page is listed below). I chose the yellow Eggie that says "hug me" but there are several different colors with different faces and sayings available. This case is basically a large plastic Easter egg with some drainage,air holes drilled into the bottom and locking tabs on each side. The egg is big enough to hold a wet beauty blender while it is still swollen. The drainage is just ok...I was thinking of adding a few more air holes myself to make it more efficient. I do notice that the blender will dry in the case over time though. This is perfect for keeping your blender sponge safe while traveling!!! Overall, I do like it a lot....and I love how cute it is!!!




Eggie Case

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Yellow "Hug Me"

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Amanda Hird ArsenaultFebruary 21, 2016



@KermitsBanjo thank you so much their so cute!!!!