Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded March 4, 2016

400 ml., waterproof makeup remover. "Shake well before use. Saturate a cotton pad, apply onto face, eyes, and lips and gently wipe without rubbing." Move aside Simple...this maybe my number one miceller water!!! I got the waterproof version (w/the blue top) since half the time I am not sure if my mascara is waterproof or not...better safe than sorry! I love that the cap has a spout instead of just an open bottle,. I tend to use less product when there is a spout and you really don't need a ton of stuff to take off the first layer of makeup. I use this first in my cleansing routine (followed by a cleansing scrub). I shake the bottle then douse a cotton pad with a decent amount of the water and then go at my eye makeup first. It does not take hardly any elbow grease to get everything off the eyes!!! After that I remove the rest of my face makeup. It leaves a greasy, oily residue...but it doesn't bother me since I am washing my face right afterwards. I wonder if the pin-top one is less oily feeling?

Model Number

Micellar Water (waterproof)

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Rite Aid

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Skin Active

I bought the pink one first & I loveddd it & still do just didn't take my eye makeup off as well as my other but it does NOT leave a greasy feeling which I love because I can use it just to even freshen up my face! I just recently purchased 2 of the blue cap ones since its waterproof & if it will take it off better! I would recommend the pink one if you don't use stubborn eye makeup & no oily residue again just feels like nothing water lol. 😊