Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded March 10, 2016

(DECLUTTERED). I got this eye liner in a 2015 Ipsy bag. It is creamy and more of a dark slate grey than a black. It will require sharpening once the tip gets lower. The pencil is a bit wider and leads to a much thicker line. I find it not as easy to control as other pencils. But it is VERY pigmented! The one thing I want to note is that this sucker is HARD AS HELL to remove!!! In my arm swatch pictures I included a second picture of my pink arm with a grey line on it...this was after a straight min of scrubbing pretty hard with a makeup remover wipe!!! Beware, this one will be sticking around long after you have had enough of it!




Gel Eyeliner Pencil

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No. 2 Ebony

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