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(UPDATE: Repurchased full size with box set!!! Can't get enough of the scent! ❤️) I heard Graveyard Girl mention this once on her YouTube channel...and since I am obsessed with the beach, I had to try it!!! It was a great use of a Sephora gift card from the holidays. Do you remember the Sinefeld episode when Kramer invents a perfume that smells like suntan lotion & the beach and the idea was stollen (by Ralph Lauren...I think)? This is pretty much what I imagined it would have smelled like!!! It smells mostly of suntan lotion (one of my favorite smells) and has an underlying fresh floral scent. It is a bit more musky than a lot of perfumes. I LOVE IT!!! It really does remind me of the beach! I wanted to sample it before I committed to a full size, so I got the 2 fl. Oz. roller ball...but I think the full size will be going on my 2016 Christmas wish list! Now you may be wondering why one doesn't just get suntan lotion as a cheap way to get the same's because this is a bit more sexy and feminine and the smell lasts a ton longer than a lotion!!! So I totally think it is worth the splurge.
Box set contains: 1.7 oz perfume w/sprayer, shower gel, body lotion, and body scrub.


Eau De Parfum

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