Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded March 15, 2016

After making several afghans, scarves, and hats...I had quit a lot of leftover yarn. What else do you do with scraps but make Granny Squares! I am luck that I tend to stick to one shade range and they all fit well together. I did purchase the cream/ecru yarn for edging, but the rest is all leftovers! The size covers a twin bed nicely. Some squares have begun to unravel because I am really bad at tying strong, lasting knots! But it is warm and does its job of keeping me cozy at night!!!

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Granny Square Scrap Quilt

Its very beautiful, when you get to the end of the stitch count do 2 slip knots or more this should hold them from unraveling pull tight cut string leaving a little extra & then through the back weave the extra tail through the stitches you made already. Hope I helped! love crocheting I can share my work if you'd like to see? 😊💖

Amanda Hird ArsenaultMarch 16, 2016

I would love to see it @gemster12!