Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded March 24, 2016

This eyeliner sample came in the March 2016 Sephora Play subscription box. Everyone on social media loves this liner...and I get it. I love liquid eyeliner and this is a good one! It is SUPER black and his the thinnest brush that allows you to get the most precise line. Perfect for a wing! It has great staying power but does require a little elbow-grease to get fully off. The packaging freaks me out a little because of the bounce you feel when putting on the cap. I know that is there to keep the brush tip pristine, but I always feel something is wrong when I first feel the cap bounce! I am not sure I am so in love with this liner that I will spend big bucks to get the full size when I am perfectly happy with some drugstore options...bit this by far the most black eyeliner I have ever tried!


Kat Van D


Tattoo Liner Sample

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