Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded April 10, 2016

(DECLUTTERED: this is a “regret” palette for me. I fell for the hype. I don’t love warm tones and I never reach for this palette. I like the smell and the purples...but not enough to justify keeping it around.). I was not going to buy this palette because it is so warm...but they went out of their way to find it for me at Ulta, I got a good whiff of it (yum!), and I had a 20% off I caved! It is very warm...but I really like it none the less. And I have worked around the shades in the palette so the the looks are not super warm! This will be a really great palette for the fall!!! The formula is great, the shades are VERY pigmented, they blend so well, and they smell like peanut butter cups!!! Top row: Spread The Love (matte light peach with gold glitter that hardly shows on the lid), Peanut Butter (matte orange-brown), and Peanut Butter Cup (beautiful shimmery metallic dark bronze). Middle row: Bananas (beautiful metallic gold), Peanut Brittle (insanely pigmented deep metallic copper...omg!), and Jammin' (matte deep purple, almost wine color, with gold glitter). Bottom row: Extra Creamy (matte white...though on my pale skin it almost looks skin-toned), Jelly (a shimmer neon purple with gold glitter), and Nuts About You (a matte orange-brown that leans more red than Peanut Butter). I do not feel bad at all that I bought this palette (not that I need any more eyeshadow!!!). And can we just take a moment to love this packaging?!?!?!


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