Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded July 18, 2016

This came in my July 2016 Sephora Play "box". As an oily girl that does rely on blotting papers...I don't find this sponge to be quite that effective. It is very soft and feels nice on the skin but I don't notice it removing a whole lot of oil. I believe that blotting papers do a much better job of removing oil. Plus, as many others have mentioned: this sponge is expensive and needs to be cleaned regularly (not ideal for this lazy girl!) whereas papers are very inexpensive and are just thrown out (no cleaning necessary!). The only positive to the sponge (if it really did work well) would be the lesser amount of waste. I am not throwing this sponge out though...I hear beauty blenders are great for removing deodorant marks in clothes, so I will keep it around for that purpose. And who knows, I might find another unconventional use for it later?!? This did come with a sample of liquid blender cleaner that I will use up.

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