Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded July 23, 2016

(UPDATE: My BFF got me a brand new bottle on her last cruise! It has not changed, except that it is thinner, as it should be, and takes two coats to make opaque.). I have had this nail polish FOR EVER...and it is finally starting to show its age!!! It is getting thick and goopy and hard to apply. Sad, because as juvenile as it is, I really love it!!! This is a color changing polish that looks like a white silver metallic in dark "light" and changes to a pink-mauve in the sunlight. Now that it is so old, the shift is more to a rose gold (which I don't hate!). It is very opaque and only needs one coat of you want to be lazy! I am impressed with how quick it dries too!!! I really do love this polish! My grandmother (r.i.p.) got this for me on a cruise once and it reminds me of her when I wear it. I would like to buy another one...I wonder if they still sell it?!?

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